Career at Himalayan Java

Culture and values

At Himalayan Java, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of diversity, equal opportunity, a focus on learning, and providing better guidelines.

  • We firmly believe that diversity in our workforce brings unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences, which ultimately leads to better decision-making and innovation.
  • We consider a wide range of factors beyond traditional qualifications, such as personal experiences, skills, and potential to ensure everyone has equal opportunities.
  • We recognize that skills and knowledge can be developed and that the right mindset and a passion for growth are equally important.
  • Finally, we have established clear guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency in our workplace.

Benefits and Perks

Your experience with Himalayan Java serves you as an asset for wider credibility and networking nationally and internationally.

We use specialized equipment which enables our baristas to enhance their coffee-making experience and allows them to explore various brewing methods – all to aid them in their journey of crafting the perfect cup of coffee.


1. BAR

SEE graduate

  • Barista: Barista Training
  • Lead Barista: 1.5 years of experience as a barista who is well versed in knowledge related to coffee.
  • Shift In-charge: 2-3 years of extensive experience as a barista with dependable knowledge about coffee.


SEE graduate or able to read and write.

  • Commis III: Freshers can apply.
  • Commis II: 1 year experience in kitchen department.
  • Commis I/CDP: 2-3 years’ experience with good culinary knowledge
  • Chef: More than 4 years’ experience with exemplary culinary skills.


Bachelors in any related field with Managerial skills


+2 graduate having completed a Barista training course.


1.5 years of experience as a teacher and must be well versed in knowledge related to coffee