Himalayan Java offers its customers the best-tasting coffee beverages in the country. We have achieved this by using high-quality ingredients and strictly following preparation guidelines. Along with the espresso drinks, brewed coffee and teas, we also sell other refreshment drinks in our coffee bar.

Himalayan Java is the sole distributor of various coffee equipment and products in Nepal.

Coffee machines, grinders, blenders, tamping pad, etc.

Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School was introduced to promote the culture of vocational training in Nepal.

We believe vocational training helps individuals to understand the essential elements of a particular course without wasting much time or energy, compared to a full-fledged university degree. We also believe that vocational training is the backbone of all developing countries.

Himalayan Java Bakery Training School was established in 2017, with an aim to provide a platform to Nepalese Bakery Enthusiast and aspiring Bakery professionals. Our bakery course covers fundamental aspects of baking and managing a bakery business. Our primary target segments include students going abroad, housewives who want to hone their baking skills, and aspiring bakery entrepreneurs.

With tea produced on a higher belt and coffee produced on the lower belts, now our own little coffee farm is just spreading its roots in the hills of Fikkal. After spending about one and half years in a controlled nursery environment, they are now out there fending on their own learning to survive in the climate of Fikkal.