Barista Training

Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School was introduced to create competent baristas that would be the backbone of the coffee culture in Nepal.

Our training sessions lead students through lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on practice. To ensure every student gets one-to-one mentorship, the course is catered to a small batch of individuals at a time.  As a requirement of the course, the students are provided an internship at the Himalayan Java outlets. We believe our training course allows students to experience what it takes to be a barista while facilitating them in discovering the wonderful world of coffee.


Course duration of 15 days (3 hours/day)

70% of Barista Training is based on practical training


  • A brief History of Coffee
  • Coffee Beans
  • Roasting and Blending
  • Espresso Equipment
  • Extracting Perfect Espresso
  • The Art of Steaming and Foaming Milk
  • Cleaning, Safety & Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Occupational Health & Safety